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Board Talk

Board Talk is presented by Phil Zarrow and Jim Hall of ITM Consulting.
Phil Zarrow
Phil Zarrow - With over 35 years experience in PCB assembly, Phil is one of the leading experts in SMT process failure analysis. He has vast experience in SMT equipment, materials and processes.
Jim Hall
Jim Hall - A Lean Six-Sigma Master Blackbelt, Jim has a wealth of knowledge in soldering, thermal technology, equipment and process basics. He is a pioneer in the science of reflow.

Defect of the Month

Bob Willis
Defect of the month is presented by Bob Willis. For decades Bob has been providing solutions for process and product failure trouble shooting, in-house training, process engineering support and product failure analysis.

Mysteries of Science

Dr. Gilleo
Mysteries of Science are written by Dr. Ken Gilleo. Dr. Gilleo is a chemist, inventor and general problem solver. Ken has been tracking industrial forensics and collecting case histories for decades.

Technology Briefing

Technology Briefing
Brought to you by association with Audio-Tech, publishers of Tends Magazine where you'll learn about big ideas, new products, breakthrough concepts, and trailblazing technologies.


Adhesives, Coating, Dispensing

These programs cover adhesives, epoxies, bonding, coatings, tapes, jetting, dispensing and more.

Assembly, Printing, Pick & Place

These programs cover manual and automated assembly, screen and stencil printing, pick & place systems and more.

Baking, Ovens, Moisture Control

These programs cover batch and inline baking, curing, ovens, moisture control, vacuum sealing and more.

Cleaning, Washing, Solvents

These programs cover manual and automated cleaning systems, water and other solvent based cleaning and cleaning solutions.

Contamination, Defects, Whiskers

These programs cover problems and solutions associated with contamination, defects, tin whiskers and more.

Environment, RoHS, Recycling

These programs cover the environment, RoHS, recycling, pollution, storage, ESD, waste and more.

Flip-Chip, MEMS, Semiconductors

These programs cover flip-chip, chip scale packaging, MEMS, semiconductors and more.

Operations, Productivity, Supply

These programs cover overall operations, plan productivity, issues with the supply chain and more.

PC Fab, Board Design, Laminates

These programs cover bare PC board fabrication, circuit board design, laminates and more.

Reflow Soldering, Profiling

These programs cover reflow soldering, vapor phase, profiling, thermocouples, data collection and more.

Rework, Repair, Modification

These programs cover BGA rework, BGA reballing, tinning, damage repair, jumper wires, modifications and more.

Soldering, Selective, Wave

These programs cover manual and automated soldering, selective soldering, wave soldering and more.

Solders, Fluxes, Pastes

These programs cover solders, alloys, fluxes, flux residues, solder pastes, lead-free, SIR and more.

Test, Inspection, X-Ray

These programs cover manual and automated test, manual and automated optical inspection, x-ray and more.