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Mar 4, 2021
Issues With Fillets on Via Holes?
A typical cause of false negatives in pin probe testing is the failure of the probe to penetrate flux residue, causing the probe to fail to make contact with the solder. Since flux is normally ...
Mitch Holtzer, Alpha Assembly Solutions

Mar 1, 2021
Suggested Stencil Wipe Frequency?
An experiment to determine stencil wipe frequency definitely is in order here. This ground has been tilled before, so there are published designs for these experiments, which usually involve observation of solder clogging at fine ...
Russell Claybrook, MicroCare, LLC

Feb 26, 2021
When To Use Adhesive To Bond SMT Components
You also need to consider gluing when you have mixed technology (SMT and TH parts) on the PWA that would need to route the PWA through wave flow process to prevent the parts from falling ...
Sundaram Kumaravelu, EIT LLC

Feb 22, 2021
PCBA Inspection Concerns
There are different performance characteristics of ESD matting. The of material that a facility uses is usually determined by the products being made and the processes involved in the production area. The types of ESD ...
Jeffry Brake, Desco

Feb 18, 2021
How To Clean a Vintage Circuit Board Assembly?
Jim and Phil make a good point in saying that there may be components that may not be compatible with DI water, so IPA is the best bet, and a spot-cleaning technique should be used ...
Russell Claybrook, MicroCare, LLC

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