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Knowledge, Vision & Wisdom Jul 7, 2015
How Effective Is Nano Coating On Stencils?
With nano coatings on stencils evolving over the past few years, what is the best method to measure the nano coating thickness? How do you know if the coating degrades over time?
Board Talk
What Causes Black Pad?
What is the primary cause of Black Pad and/or pad contamination during the assembly process?
Ask the Experts
Virtual Access Augments Test Coverage
Virtual Access Augments Test Coverage
Detecting open solder connections with electrical test techniques is a major challenge for manufacturers because of the erosion of test pads.
Production Floor
You need 25 PCBs assembled in 5 days?
Advanced Assembly
We specialize in fast PCB assembly for prototypes and low-volume orders.
Advanced Assembly LLC
Underfilling Using Continuous Path Motion
White paper for underfill applications and using continuous motion of the dispense head to avoid backtracking and improve units per hour by 27%. Download now.
The Discipline of Business Experimentation
The Discipline of Business Experimentation
We'll tell you how you can determine in advance whether a new product or business program will succeed by subjecting it to a rigorous test.
Technology Briefing
BGA Reballing and Influence on Ball Shear Strength
This paper focuses on the effect of various parameters that are used to reball a BGA component and their effect on the overall shear strength.
Analysis Lab
Shadow Areas Cure with UV/Ambient Moisture
Dymax Corporation
Conformal coatings for PCBs with shadow areas cure with UV light, then over time with moisture. Learn the benefits of light-curing technology – get free guide!
DYMAX Corporation
Your Missing Piece to IPC Certification
For all your IPC Certification needs, training on-site or at one of our convenient locations throughout the US and Canada. Learn more.
Imbedded Components: Ready for Mainstream?
This paper discusses the design methodology, and validation/test data gathered during the implementation of IC/DT in a mixed signal prototype.
Materials Tech
Panel Level Packaging
In this paper a wide variety of technologies are described that allow the generation of maximum miniaturized microsystems or SiPs.
Production Floor
Printed Circuit Inc.
Blackfox Training Institute
Cleaning with Sodium Bicarbonate
Is there an affect on PCBA long term reliability for assemblies cleaned with a "Sodium Bicarbonate" scrub to remove tarnishing of silver immersion plating?
Ask the Experts
Causes and Solutions for Solder Beading
Industry expert Bob Willis explains how to address solder beading, a defect usually found on chip components. Hint: it's your stencils.
Analysis Lab
Need IPC Training in Spanish
Experience the Blackfox difference in Spanish. Blackfox is one of the few US based IPC Training Centers that offers IPC Training in Spanish. Blackbox translated the IPC-A-610, 620 and 7711/7721
Blackfox Training Institute
Robotic Soldering Made Easy
PROMATION's line of table top soldering robots makes it affordable to improve overall quality and reduce rework. Ask us about our new QUICK line of robots too. Learn more.
Is HASL a Good Choice for Surface Finish?
We are using a lead-free hot air solder leveling board finish. Our boards have several bottom-terminated components. Is this the best choice for a surface finish?
Board Talk
Material Selection and Optimization for TMV PoP
This paper investigates selected aspects of materials selection and parameter optimization to better understand the critical factors associated with successful TMV PoP assembly.
Materials Tech
CEM Problems?
ITM Consulting
If you're evaluating a potential CEM, before committing product, time and money, have ITM "check them out" for you. ITM knows what to look for! Learn more.
ITM Consulting
The first-ever temperature stable solder paste
LOCTITE GC 10 is stable at 26.5°C for one year and up to 40°C for one month, while still offering unbeatable printability and reflow performance. Click to learn more.
Henkel Electronic Materials, LLC
New Super Thin Imaging Platform
New Super Thin Imaging Platform
An atomically thin material developed at Rice University may lead to the thinnest-ever imaging platform.
Technology Briefing
Diamond MT
Precision Cleaning in the 21st Century
This paper details the development of an environmentally friendly, non-flammable cleaning solvent with very low global warming potential.
Production Floor
Tough Engineering Changes? Where Can You Turn?
Engineering changes are a reality that need to be dealt with. Do you have qualified rework technicians to do the job efficiently and reliably?
Circuit Technology Center
Toe Fillet Requirements on Gull Wing Components
Is a toe fillet required on gull wing components? We have some gull wing components that have no toe fillet, but all the other requirements for the solder connection are met.
Ask the Experts
A World of Wave Soldering Solutions
Vitronics Soltec
Vitronics Soltec's wave solder systems are efficient and cost effective. Minarik Drives says their Delta 3 has "saved over 50% in net solder costs!"
Vitronics Soltec
The Overheated Professor
A professor was having hot flashes. Was it a medical condition or something else? Could his students be involved?
Mysteries of Science
Europlacer's NEW Intelligent Feeders - ii-Feed
ii-Feed is a fully 'intelligent', fast-loading feeder; enabling accurate tape indexing and optimum productivity. ii-Feed Elements are compatible with all Europlacer machines. Learn more...
Europlacer North America
Printed Circuit Inc.
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