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Openair-Plasma: Versatile and reliable solution for the electronics industry
Scoring Big With Real-Time X-Ray Inspection
How well can you 'Pin Down' defects in the press-fit process?
Minimize Signal Loss in HF Circuits
Reliable & Fast Conformal Coating Inspection Provides Greater Safety
3D Printing Electronics Packaging for Harsh Environments
Selective Solder Nozzle Technology for Reduced Dross and Solder Balls
Artificial Intelligence: How far can you go?
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BGA reballing question
Conformal Coating Press Fit Connectors
Dust contamination after selective soldering
Moisture Sensitivity Level for Bare Boards
Contamination Using Solvent Dispensers
Challenges Placing RF Shields During SMT Assembly
Seeking Advise for a Solder Reflow Recipe
Critical Part Fixture During Reflow
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Applying Strategic Sourcing Principles to Modern Procurement
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September 22, 2020
Solder Pallets With Titanium Inserts - Yes/No?
Solder Pallets With Titanium Inserts - Yes/No?
Our pallet manufacturer recommends titanium inserts to allow larger apertures near closely spaced surface mount components. Are they worth it? The Assembly Brothers, Jim Hall and Phil Zarrow, share their insights.
Board Talk
Stencil Printing Yield Improvements
The wipe sequence, wipe frequency and wipe solvent and how these interact to provide solder paste printing yield improvement is studied.
Production Floor
Breakthrough Gives Robots Human-like 3D Mental Model of their Environment
Breakthrough Gives Robots Human-like 3D Mental Model of their Environment
MIT engineers have developed a representation of spatial perception for robots that is modeled after the way humans perceive and navigate the world.
Technology Briefing
Overcome Nodules and Scratches on Wire Bondable Plating on PCBs
Manufacturing was improved to minimize nodules and scratches. Wire bonds were evaluated to determine the allowable size of nodules and scratches.
Analysis Lab
Solder Paste Selection for Bottom Termination Components Attach
Solder Paste Selection for Bottom Termination Components Attach
Two solder paste chemistries and several printing parameters were evaluated in order to achieve consistent solder paste deposition across the assembly.
Materials Tech
Jetting Solder Paste Opens Up New Possibilities
Today Jet Printing is no longer seen as a futuristic technology but it has proven itself and the technology is still gaining momentum.
Production Floor
Advances Autonomous Driving V2X Technologies
This paper looks at the state of development of V2X and provides a perspective on this and other technologies required to make autonomous driving a reality.
Analysis Lab
What Rate is World Class for SMT Machines?
What Rate is World Class for SMT Machines?
What rate is considered world class when it comes to pick performance for SMT placement machines? Can you define pick performance?
Board Talk
Surface Insulation Resistance of No-Clean Flux Residues
No-clean fluxes present great benefits, but the activity of the unwashed process residues must be tightly controlled in order to meet reliability standards.
Materials Tech
Riding a Wave of Business Process Automation
Riding a Wave of Business Process Automation
Businesses are forced to deliver unprecedented solutions in a world where supply chains, sources of talent, costs of capital, and more have been scrambled.
Technology Briefing
Jetting Conductive Adhesives with Silver Coated Polymer Particles
Tests performed in this study demonstrate that a conductive adhesive using spherical, polymer silver particles can be used for no-contact jet printing.
Production Floor
Residues on Probing PCBAS-Consistent Connections Across No-Clean Fluxes
In this study, concerns involving the reliability of probing different solder/flux compounds, the land configurations, the contact pressures and probe styles will be discussed in detail.
Analysis Lab
Resistor Values off the Mark
Resistor Values off the Mark
Suddenly values for screened resistors on ceramic circuits were way too high. What caused the sudden high values?
Mysteries of Science
Mechanical Shock and Drop Reliability Evaluation of the BGA Solder Joint Stack-Ups
This paper investigates the Mechanical Shock and Drop Reliability of SnAgCu ball Flip Chip BGA solder joints.
Production Floor
New Opportunities Lag-Free Wireless Connections
New Opportunities Lag-Free Wireless Connections
Researchers are proposing a system that would use underutilized resources in a wireless channel to create opportunities for lag-free connections.
Technology Briefing
Additive Manufacturing-Enabled Wireless Flexible Hybrid Electronics
This paper reports an ensemble of strategies for the successful miniaturization of EEG in a fully-flexible, wearable and wireless platform.
Analysis Lab
Rheology of Solder Paste: Shelf Life Study
Rheology of Solder Paste: Shelf Life Study
This study offers a better understanding of the correlation between rheological properties and shelf life of solder paste exposed to extreme conditions.
Materials Tech
Characterization, Prevention and Removal of Particulate Matter on PCBs
This paper describes a means of measuring the DRH of minute quantities of particulate matter (1 mg or less) found on PCBs.
Production Floor
Technology Corner
Thermaltronics TMT R9900S Inline Soldering Robot V1
3D Manufacturing Platforms
nScrypt, Inc.
Thermal Management Products - Webinar
Proven Printer Platform with Enhanced Technologies
Using the Dam & Fill Method to Protect Components
Master Bond Inc.
Board Talk
Solder Pallets With Titanium Inserts - Yes/No?
What Rate is World Class for SMT Machines?
Selective Solder Pot Temperatures
Top Side Reflow Causing Solder Balls
Trends for Printing Ultra Miniature Chips
Should We Measure Solder Paste Thickness?
Cleaning R.F. Circuits - Aqueous or Vapor?
Why Should We Consider Smart Feeders?
Questions and Comments
Selective Solder Pot Temperatures
Jim has listed many key considerations for the SS equipment. ...
Ike Sedberry, ISEDS
Cleaning R.F. Circuits - Aqueous or Vapor?
"Insolve" was mentioned as the cleaning solvent. Did the person ...
Beth Bivins, 3M
Removing Warpage from PCBAs
There are many factors can make PCBA warpage. The provided ...
Pongtip P, Celestica Thailand Ltd.
How Do You Remove Oxidation from PCBs?
I would assume that H.M.'s question is not merely theoretical, ...
Alan Couchman, Process Sciences, Inc.
Video Analysis of Solder Paste Release from Stencil Printing
Nice experiments and anyone that knows me I love to ...
Bob Willis
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