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Migrating to Paperless Work Instructions
Migrating to Paperless Work Instructions
A paper environment does not provide the nimbleness needed to execute today's adaptive business models.
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Authored By:
John Stimadorakis
ScanCAD International
St Petersburg, FL USA
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disseminate and collect information across the shop floor and the enterprise in either real or near real time. Companies are finding that a paper environment does not provide the nimbleness needed to execute today's adaptive business models which are required in a rapidly changing economy.

Fortunately, a variety of process and information technologies have emerged and intersected to provide economical solutions for today's process management and product traceability needs. Electronic process trees and instructions can be used as collaborative information portals providing a wide range of capabilities. By strategically applying measured amounts of technology to achieve the operational nimbleness needed, a company can stay relevant in what is becoming a rapid globalization of markets and regulations.
Major advances have been made in the PMWIS technology. This coupled with the fact that the cost of hardware has dramatically dropped in recent years, makes PMWIS technology now affordable for small companies and robust enough for multi divisional corporations. Migrating from paper work instructions to a paperless interactive tool can provide integrated functions which can improve operational efficiency and nimbleness. Functions such as Background Data Collection and Auto Revisioning can be useful tools for meeting regulatory requirements
Initially Published in the IPC Proceedings
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