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Agilent Technologies is the premier measurement company - advancing electronics, communication, life sciences and chemical analysis.

Agilent's Medalist Test and Inspection portfolio covers the production line from end to end, offering breakthrough technologies for solder paste, automated optical, and automated X-ray inspection, in-circuit test and functional test systems.
Expanding IEEE Std 1149.1 Boundary-Scan Architecture
This paper discusses the expanded use of boundary-scan testing beyond the typical manufacturing test to capture structural defects.
Production Floor
Double Reflow-Induced Brittle Interfacial Failures
This paper describes and characterizes an unusual open circuit failure mechanism in Pb-free ball grid array (BGA) solder joints.
Analysis Lab
Good Quality Comes From Good Design for Test
This paper discusses how to maximize the benefits of boundary scan test, with examples of how designers should select the right components.
Production Floor
Pad Cratering Susceptibility Testing with Acoustic Emission
In this study, 6 laminates were subjected to four-point bend testing. Acoustic emission sensors were used to monitor pad cratering during the bend test.
Analysis Lab
Boundary Scan Advanced Diagnostic Methods
Cases illustrate how circuit information and predictive analysis can provide more precise and accurate diagnostic information.
Production Floor
Evaluation of Laminates for Pb-free HASL Process
Paper covers an evaluation of four FR4 laminates to determine their survivability for the lead-free hot air solder leveling process.
Materials Tech
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