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Rogers Corporation

Rogers Corporation's Advanced Circuit Materials Divison
is a global technology leader providing high performance printed circuit board
materials for use in high frequency circuit applications.  Rogers' laminates serve a wide range of
markets including communications infrastructure,  antenna, aerospace and defense, automotive
and high speed digital applications.

All of Rogers' materials are manufactured in an
ISO-9001:2000 certified facility with "ahead of the curve" processing

The Effect of Radiation Losses on High Frequency PCB Performance
This paper is an extension of an IPC paper presented in 2013 that addressed microwave insertion loss of common PCB transmission line circuits.
Analysis Lab
Insertion Loss Comparisons of High Frequency PCBs
PCBs have been used for many years in low loss, high frequency microwave applications and many have become increasingly complex.
Materials Tech
The Effects of PCB Fabrication on High-Frequency Electrical Performance
Achieving optimum high-frequency PCB performance is not only the best possible PCB material, but can be impacted by PCB fabrication practices.
Materials Tech
Circuit Material Performance for PCBs at Millimeter Wave Frequencies
This paper gives an overview of which circuit material properties are important to mmWave frequency applications using PCBs.
Materials Tech
Thermally, Electrically Conductive Adhesive to Control Heat in PCBs
Study illustrates the complexity of achieving optimum thermal and electrical performance with any circuit, especially at higher frequencies.
Materials Tech
New Developments in PCB Laminates
This paper outlines developments for halogen free laminate systems to reduce thermal stability struggles and poor electrical performance.
Materials Tech
Rogers Corporation
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