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DEK is the world's leading provider of equipment and processes for the high accuracy mass imaging of electronic materials. With print platforms to enable future-proofed production capability, stencil and screen technologies and unmatched expertise and customer support, DEK enables processes from mainstream SMT to semiconductor packaging to solar cell production.
  • Award-winning screen printing platforms and technologies expertly supported with implementation and optimization assistance

  • Field-retrofittable productivity tools including Cyclone understencil cleaning, HawkEye post-print inspection, Paste Roll Height Monitor, HD Grid-Lok automatic tooling support, ProFlow enclosed head printing and Stinger printer adaptable dispensing
  • Global support, in-depth training and engineering expertise
Stencil Design for Ultra Fine Pitch Printing
Miniaturization is pushing the stencil printing process. As features become smaller, solder paste transfer efficiency is becoming more critical.
Production Floor
Optimizing Print Process for Mixed Technology
This paper covers methods for optimizing the print process so mixed technology products can be successfully produced.
Production Floor
Advances in Monitoring of Stencil Printing
Paper presents a print verification technology that captures the full board image, analyzes the data and accepts or rejects the print.
Production Floor
Revolutionary Printing Solution for SMT Assembly
This paper presents new techniques in the screen print process with the aim of increasing solder paste transfer efficiency.
Production Floor
Stencil Design Improves Drop Test Performance
Paper evaluates the influence of stencil printed solder volume on electronic component lifetime in mechanical stress testing.
Materials Tech
Stencil Printing Process Tools for Miniaturization
This paper offers preliminary test results relating to the stencil coating technology and how they impact miniaturization and high yield processing.
Production Floor
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