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Adhesives & Sealants
Adhesives, sealants, epoxies, glues, tapes and materials for bonding.

Analytical & Laboratory
Analytical instruments and services to detect, measure, analyze and test.

Artwork & Photo Tooling
Systems and services for creation of artwork and photo tools.

Associations & Organizations
Organizations/associations focused on electronics manufacturing.

Barcode, Scanning, RFID
Optical scanners, barcode readers, labels and printers.

Business Services
Support services banking, legal, accounting, insurance, etc.

Computer aided design/manufacturing, computer integrated manufacturing.

Chemicals & Treatment
Chemicals for processing, coating and treatment.

Circuit Board Handling
Loaders, unloaders, conveyors, racks, feeders, etc.

Clean Room & Filtration
Environments control of dust, airborne microbes, aerosol particles, etc.

Cleaning & Solvents
Cleaning/washing systems, services, chemicals and solvents.

Coating, Dispensing & Masking
Systems/chemicals for application and dispensing of coatings.

Component Insertion
Machines for automatic placement of through-hole components.

Component Prep & Counting
Products/services for component prep, lead forming and counting.

Components & Hardware
Electronic components and electronic hardward.

Consulting & Market Research
Advisory services and market research.

Data Acquisition
Collection and sampling of data.

Die & Wire Bonding
Equipment/services for attaching semiconductor die to packages.

Distributors & Representatives
Distributors and representatives of equipment and services.

Drilling, Routing & Dicing
Machines/services for circuit board drilling, routing and dicing.

Electronics Manufacturing Services
EMS business providing contract outsourcing services.

Embedded Technology
Systems/services for embedded electronic products.

Tools, materials and services for ESD and EOS protection.

Fastening & Joining
Hardware, locks, bolts, clasps, ties, buttons, etc.

Component feeders and accessories for use with insertion and placements systems.

Flexible Circuits
Suppliers and manufacturers of flexible and rigid-flex circuits and materials.

Flip Chip & Multichip
Equipment/services for direct mounting and multichip modules.

Foils, Laminates & Lamination
Foil materials, laminates and lamination equipment and services.

Gases & Gas Handling
Business that provide gases or gas generating systems and materials.

Hand Tools & Shop Supplies
Hand tools and shop supplies used for all types assembly.

Inspection & Measurement
Tools/systems for automatic/manual inspection and measurement.

Labeling, Ink & Marking
Equipment, services and materials for labeling and marking.

Systems, tools and services for laser machining and processing.

Lease, Refurbish, Resale
Services for equipment leasing, refurbishment and resale.

Material Handling
Conveyors, racks, carts, lifting, transporting etc.

Materials including plastics, films and others used in the production of electonics profuct.

Odd Form Placement
Systems for placement of odd shaped components.

Ovens, Curing, Drying, Chilling
Ovens and systems for reflow, baking, curing, drying and chilling.

Packaging & Encapsulating
Products/services for component packaging and encapsulating.

PCB Fabrication
Business that offer circuit board and pcb fabrication and related services.

Personnel & Staffing
Servies and products to help manage and staff employees.

Photo Imaging & Resist
Tools/materials for photo imaging and application of resist.

Pick & Place
Systems to pick and place components, materials and other devices.

Plating & Wet Processes
Products and services for electroplating and related wet processes.

Publications & Marketing
Print and online publications, media outlets, trade shows, etc.

Reclamation & Recovery
Products and services for recycling, reclamation and recovery.

Rework & Repair
Products and services for rework, repair and modification.

Robots & Motion Control
Robots, linear motors, gantry systems, bearings, etc.

Semiconductor Materials
Materials of all kinds used in the manufacture of semiconductors.

Software & Programming
Software, programming services and programming products.

Soldering, Automated
Systems for wave soldering, selective soldering and robotic soldering.

Soldering, Manual
Includes soldering irons, soldering stations and tools for manual soldering.

Solders & Fluxes
Solder alloys, solder paste, preforms, spheres, columns, solder wire and fluxes.

Stencil & Screen Printing
Products and materials used for stencil printing and screen printing.

Tape & Reel
Tape and reel products and services.

Test, Automated
Automated testing products and services.

Test, Manual
Tools and materials used for manual and bench top testing.

Thick Film
Products, services and materials associated with thick film operations.

Tooling & Fixtures
Standard and custom tooling and fixtures useful in production applications.

Training, Education, Compliance
Training products, services and compliance including ISO.

Vision Systems
Products, services and systems supporting machine vision.

Wire & Cable Harness
Products/services for wire preparation and wire harness.

Wire Cutting & Stripping
Products and services for wire cutting and wire stripping.

Work Stations & Benches
Work stations, work benches and seating.

X-ray & XRF
X-ray and X-ray Fluorescence products and services.

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