Electronics Assembly Knowledge, Vision & Wisdom
Verdant Electroncis
Verdant Electronics is a privately held company dedicated to the development and deployment of sustainable manufacturing technologies and techniques for use in the production of electronic products that will reduce manufacturing process time, material waste and energy use, thereby reducing costs and reducing the impact of electronic product manufacture on the environment.
Manufacture of Aluminum Substrate PCBs
A new fab method that uses an aluminum substrates that house fully tested and burned in components to create a component board is described.
Materials Tech
Past, Present, Future of Solderless Assembly
Paper examines some of the solderless assembly methods over the years and some new solutions we might see in the future.
Production Floor
Rethinking the Hierarchy of Electronic Interconnections
Joseph Fjelstad explains how elements of electronic interconnection are rooted in a hierarchy developed in the 1960s. Unfortunately it no longer works for today's more complex interconnection of electronic elements.
Supply Chain
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