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Microstructure and Reliability of Low Ag, Bi-Containing Solder Alloys
This paper investigates a number of low (or no) Silver (Ag), Bi-containing Pb-free alloys for performance in accelerated thermal cycling (ATC).
Analysis Lab
Tin Whisker Testing and Modeling
The elimination of lead from consumer electronics has resulted in an increase in tin whisker risk mitigation using dual-use commercial/aerospace components.
Analysis Lab
Microstructure and Reliability of Low AG/Bi Solder Alloys
The goal of this study was to provide a screening experiment for three alloys Bi-containing, Low (or no) Ag as alternatives to SAC305.
Analysis Lab
NASA DOD SAC305/SN100C Copper Dissolution Testing
In lead-free solder alloys, the reaction of the tin/copper is faster than of tin-lead solders/copper, which increases the degradation of the plated copper connections.
Analysis Lab
Lead-Free Selective Solder Guidelines
A study is conducted with a thick, thermally challenging test vehicle wave soldered using a wide range of selective pallet opening sizes.
Production Floor
Assembly of Fine Pitch PoP Components
Paper focuses on assembly variations for PoP components with .4 mm pitch on the lower package and .5mm pitch on the upper.
Production Floor
Lead-free Development in Server Applications
Paper examines the effects of varying surface finishes, process parameters and interactions that affect solder attach attributes.
Materials Tech
High Complexity Lead-Free Wave and Rework
Paper focuses on the outcome of a program designed to address the ability to maximize pin-through-hole solder joint quality and reliability performance.
Production Floor
Reactions of Sn in the Cu-Sn-Zn Alloy
This paper reports a number of experimentally determined reactions that occur in Sn-rich Cu-Sn-Zn alloy.
Analysis Lab
Does Copper Dissolution Impact Reliability?
Results from this paper indicate concerns when severe copper dissolution occurs and shows signs of reduced reliability.
Analysis Lab
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