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Speedline Technologies, Inc.
Formed in 1998 as Speedline Technologies, has built a reputation as an industry innovator dedicated to the development and manufacture of product solutions for the electronics assembly and semiconductor packaging industries.

Speedline is comprised of five best-in-class brands - ACCEL microelectronics cleaning equipment; CAMALOT dispensing systems; ELECTROVERT wave soldering, reflow soldering, and cleaning equipment; MPM stencil and screen printing systems; and PROTECT global services, support, and training solutions.
Enclosed Media Printing as an Alternative to Metal Blades
This paper explores the latest developments in enclosed media print head technology and how it can impact the bottom line.
Production Floor
Effect of Squeegee Blades on Print Quality
This study will report on the effects of squeegee blade thickness along with blade surface finish on solder paste print quality.
Production Floor
Effect of Nano-Coated Stencil on 01005 Printing
This study evaluates nano-coated stencils and squeegee blades for passive component printing, including printing 01005 components.
Production Floor
Oscillating Nozzles for Improved Cleaning
This paper reviews high performance cleaning of printed circuit assemblies during the prewash section within an inline cleaner.
Production Floor
Collaborative Cleaning Innovations
Collaboration from equipment and cleaning material companies has led to innovations for improving throughput and residue removal.
Production Floor
Effect of Clamping Systems on Print Quality
Paper investigates the effect of top clamp and Y-snugger on a specially designed test stencil and production quality cell phone boards.
Production Floor
pH Neutral vs. Alkaline Cleaning Agents
Study compares material compatibility and cleaning effectiveness of pH-neutral and alkaline technologies at low operating concentrations.
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