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DfR Solutions
DfR Solutions was initially formed by several senior scientists and staffers from the University of Maryland's Center for Advanced Life Cycle Engineering (CALCE) for Electronic Product and Systems, and has grown to include personnel with backgrounds from several industries (automotive, avionics, contract manufacturing, industrial controls, and superconductors).

The personnel at DfR are motivated to provide companies maximum value in their reliability activities and to promote openness and exchange of information.
Predicting Fatigue of Solder Joints
Chip resistors were subjected to a high number of short duration power cycles. Environmental conditions and material properties were documented.
Analysis Lab
Second Generation Pb-Free Alloys
Paper covers shortcomings of current alloys, namely SAC305, and presents data for various new alloys which show promise as replacement materials.
Materials Tech
Reliability Modeling of Circuit Card Assemblies
Paper illustrates the capabilities and value of a new software tool used to predict the rate of failure over the lifetime of the product.
Analysis Lab
Lead-free Reflow and Influence of Moisture
This paper examines concerns relating to lead-free reflow, PCB degradation, and the influence of moisture absorption.
Analysis Lab
DfR Solutions
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