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TongLing Chao Yuan Precision Electronics Co.
Chao Yuan Precision Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., on October 29, 2008 was established in the national electronic information industry base PCB materials Industrial Park - Tongling Economic and Technological Development Zone, covers 200 acres. Is a professional double-sided and multilayer printed circuit boards of high-tech enterprise, located in Tongling City, Anhui Province, adjacent to Jiangsu, Shanghai, location.

Our main products are: double-sided and multilayer PCB of high precision, metal-based aluminum, HDI (high density interconnect integration) board, the main production double-sided, multilayer printed circuit boards and metal base with high precision aluminum, a monthly capacity of 300,000 square feet, two monthly capacity of 600,000 square feet.
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Tong Ling Economic and technological development zone
Cuihu 6th Road PCB industrial park
Anhui Province 244000
0086-0562-5323870 (fax)
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