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How to Protect Internal Circuitry from a Harsh Environment

How to Protect Internal Circuitry from a Harsh Environment
Paper discusses developments in conformal coating for increased reliability at a lower cost for high production volume devices.
Materials Tech


Authored By:

Hector Pulido, Nordson Asymtek


The portable electronics market has driven steep-slope growth for over a decade and continues to deliver amazing handheld electronic devices; manufacturers of these products are facing challenges they thought would be in the distant future: denser electronic substrates, more power demand and more heat to dissipate, stringent use conditions, and more importantly, demand for lower production cost.

Lowering production cost is critical to remaining competitive; hence the objectives become high "first pass quality" and low "returns for failed units." There is high demand for manufacturing tools and processes that attain these goals. Conformal coating is a cost effective process used to maintain the functionality of the electronic components inside a mobile device in harsh environmental conditions.

This paper discusses recent developments in conformal coating that help enable the manufacturing process to meet the criteria for increased reliability at a lower cost, especially important for high production volume devices that command above average selling price.

Initially Published in the IPC Proceedings


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