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Chemical Logic Inc is a Materials & Processes consulting firm, and acts as a manufacturers representative for a limited number of reputable companies in the cleaning and contamination removal business.

Rick Perkins, a chemical engineer and the owner, has worked in high-reliability defense and space manufacturing companies, as well as environmental consulting firms, and as a consultant to the US EPA, the World Bank, and the United Nations Environmental Program, and also for the State of Texas Environmental Agency in a technical small business assistance role.

Since 1996, Mr. Perkins has worked for three specialty chemical and equipment companies providing contamination removal systems in the electronics, aerospace, medical, oil field, and precision manufacturing industries. He is a specialist in this field.

Chemical Logic Inc has a network of free-lance support engineers, many with Black Belts or Master Black Belts, who can assist companies with solutions to their materials and / or processing problems. Employees of Chemical Logic Inc subscribe to the Code of Ethics of the National Society of Professional Engineers.

Chemical Logic Inc.

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