Research & Technical Papers
Tips for Rework of Large Scale BGA Components
You've just been given a circuit board with a shorted ...
Ten Rules for Jumper Wires
This program covers 10 key rules for attaching necessary jumper ...
Jumper Wire Nightmare!
A routing miscommunication resulted in the circuit traces for 2 ...
BGA Site Modification - Is It Possible?
Here we cover a type of BGA site modification that ...
Alternative to Dead Bug Rework
Dead bugging is when you add components to a circuit ...
6 Common Mistakes of BGA Rework
Discover the 6 most common mistakes in BGA rework and ...
4 Techniques for Removing Solder Mask
This program explains four techniques for removing solder mask including ...
A Case of Missing SMT Pads
We often discuss methods of repairing circuit boards, but what ...
Are Your BGA Operators Competent?
Can every operator handle your BGA rework equally well? In ...
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Circuit Technology Center continues to be recognized as the country's most innovative specialist in circuit board repair and rework, including BGA rework and BGA reballing. With the advancement of today's modern circuit board technology, it's more important than ever to have specialists available to help you at a moment's notice.

Circuit Technology Center has been dedicated to circuit board repair and rework for over 35 years and wrote the industry guide on circuit board rework and repair. All technicians are IPC certified with over 300 years of circuit board repair experience. Every project backed is by an unconditional guarantee.

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