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Indium Corporation is a premier materials supplier to the global electronics, semiconductor, thin film, thermal management, and solar markets. Products include solders, and fluxes; brazes; thermal interface materials; sputtering targets; indium, gallium, germanium, and tin metals and inorganic compounds; and NanoFoilŪ. Founded in 1934, Indium has global technical support and factories located in China, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, the United Kingdom, and the USA.
Ultra-Low Voiding No-Clean Lead-Free Paste for Large Pads
In this work, a new halogen-free no-clean flux solder paste been developed. It exhibited ultra-low voiding and virtually zero solder beading performance.
Materials Tech
Process Optimization for Fine Feature Solder Paste Dispensing
In this paper the authors evaluate variables in the solder paste dispensing process, and review the impact on dispense quality of the solder paste.
Production Floor
Meeting Future Stencil Printing Challenges with Ultrafine Powder Pastes
Paper provides a comparison of the transfer efficiency of solder powder particle sizes with post reflow results in optimal and harsh conditions.
Materials Tech
Challenges for Bottom Termination Components
Complex components designed to keep up with the demand for electronics with expanding capabilities are challenging the performance of traditional solder pastes.
Analysis Lab
Can Age and Storage Affect Performance of No-Clean Flux Residue?
Solder paste flux chemistry, storage temperature, and age seem to have a subtle impact on SIR performance of the flux residue.
Analysis Lab
Human-Induced Contamination on PCB Assembly
This paper will discuss an experiment that was performed to investigate the effects of "contaminants" that could be measured with SIR testing.
Analysis Lab
Assembly of POP with Novel Epoxy Flux on Solder Paste
In this paper, a newly developed epoxy flux, that is compatible with solder paste, was evaluated for assembly and reliability.
Production Floor
Effect of Reflow Profiling on Solder Paste Flux Residues
Paper studied the effect of reflow profiling on the electrical reliability of no-clean flux residues using surface insulation resistance testing.
Production Floor
Low Cost Alternative to SAC Alloys
Paper discusses some new SAC alloy options, comparing performance to current low-cost options, and considers approaches to enhance the performance.
Materials Tech
Solder Fortification with Preforms
PIP is not always possible to print enough paste to obtain an acceptable joint. This paper covers techniques using solder performs.
Materials Tech
Stencil Printing for CSP's and 01005 Chips
Printing solder paste is a challenge when larger components are present. Paper explores solutions to solve this dilemma.
Production Floor
No-Clean Flux Residue and Underfill Compatibility
This paper covers an experiment designed to measure the electrical reliability of various combinations of underfill and no-clean flux residues.
Materials Tech
Best Practices - Reflow Profiling for Lead-free
Paper covers best practices for optimizing the reflow process to meet challenges of higher temperatures, smaller deposits and decreased powder size.
Analysis Lab
Next Generation PoP Pastes
This paper highlights some of the differences between traditional solder pastes and PoP solder pastes.
Materials Tech
Voiding Control at QFN Assembly
Thermal pad voiding control at QFN assembly is a major challenge due to the large coverage area, large number of via, and low standoff.
Analysis Lab
Selecting Fluxes for Lead-free Selective Soldering
Paper touches on identifying flux properties, selecting low solids fluxes for lead-free selective wave, the soldering process and testing.
Production Floor
The Effects of Flux Residues on Reliability
Paper discusses an experiment designed to mimic partially activated flux residues under component bodies and how it affects SIR performance.
Analysis Lab
The Proliferation of Lead-free Alloys
This paper is an overview of this lead-free alloy proliferation and an outlook on how alloy convergence might occur.
Materials Tech
Stencil Printing: Circular vs. Square Apertures
Paper covers practices for optimizing the printing process focusing on comparison of large/small and square vs. round apertures.
Production Floor
Understanding Surface Insulation Resistance
This paper covers differences between two common surface insulation resistance (SIR) specifications J-STD-004A and J-STD-004B.
Materials Tech
Minimizing Voiding in QFN Packages
This paper quantifies the preform requirements and process adjustments needed to minimize voiding in QFN packages.
Production Floor
Drop Test Performance of BGA Assemblies
In this work, BGA solder spheres using SAC105 with 0.02% addition of Titanium were evaluated for BGA assembly drop test performance.
Analysis Lab
Optimization to Prevent the Graping Effect
This paper will discuss the specific challenge of the Graping Effect and the work that has been performed to mitigate this phenomenon.
Production Floor
Stencil Printing for Miniaturized Electronics
Paper covers experimental data and process optimization techniques employed to establish a precision SMT printing process.
Production Floor
A Robust Fine Feature Printing Process
This paper evaluates many fine printing stencil factors that have an increased effect on the transfer efficiency of solder pastes.
Production Floor
Lead-Free Flux and Influence on Cleaning
Lead-free flux technology is more difficult to clean. Cleaners with a better matching solvency for the residues are needed.
Production Floor
Implementing Halogen-free PCB Assembly
This paper covers the reduction of halogenated compounds and techniques to ensure high end of line yields and reliability.
Production Floor
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