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Bob Willis provides solutions for in-house training, process engineering support for conventional, lead-free production and process/product failure analysis. They offer online training and consultancy services to support the widest range of on site assembly training courses in the industry.

They have produced one of the largest range of training products in the industry including interactive CD-ROM, photo library CD-ROMs, videos tapes and inspection standards available from their web site or from SMTA, SMART Group, IPC and Electronic CA.

They can arrange product evaluations, working production line features, conference and workshops for exhibition organizers worldwide.
Head in Pillow Explained
Industry expert Bob Willis uses the NPL Defect Database to explain the causes of HiPHoP (head-in-pillow/head-on-pillow) and how to address it.
Analysis Lab
How To Eliminate PCB Bow and Twist
Industry expert Bob Willis uses the NPL Defect Database to explore techniques to reduce the possibility of circuit board bow and twist.
Production Floor
Causes and Tests for Pin Holes, Blow Holes and Outgassing
Bob Willis uses the NPL Defect Database to explain the causes, solutions and tests for outgassing, caused by moisture in the printed board board.
Analysis Lab
Problems to Look for with Crimp Terminations
Bob Willis troubleshoots the challenges of using crimp terminations using the National Physical Laboratory's Process Defect Database.
Production Floor
SMT Adhesive Inspection
Industry expert Bob Willis uses the NPL Defect Database to explain SMT adhesive inspection.
Analysis Lab
Reflow Problems on Intrusive Solder Joints
Problems with incomplete reflow on "intrusive" solder joints, 90% of the time is a faulty profile is the culprit. Why?
Production Floor
Pad Cratering and Suggested Solutions
Industry expert Bob Willis uses the NPL Defect Database to explain pad cratering, drop test failure and suggested solutions for pads and alloys.
Production Floor
Causes of Popcorn Defects in Plastic Packages
Industry expert Bob Willis uses the NPL Defect Database to explain the causes of popcorning (distortion) on plastic packages like QFPs, SOICs and BGAs.
Analysis Lab
Causes of PCB Delamination
Industry expert Bob Willis explains the causes of PCB lamination defects.
Analysis Lab
Evaluating Surface Cleanliness
The water break test is easy and practical to conduct and helps you evaluate residues left from adhesives or conformal coating dots.
Analysis Lab
Explanation of PoP Inspection Techniques
Industry expert Bob Willis explains the three available options of x-ray, optical and process monitoring for inspection of package-on-package assemblies.
Analysis Lab
What Causes Solder Mask Outgassing?
Industry expert Bob Willis explains solder mask outgassing defects with the help of the NPL Defect Database.
Production Floor
What Causes Solder Skips?
Bob Willis looks at the most common reasons for solder skips during wave soldering and shows how pad length, mask thickness and flux contribute to the problem.
Analysis Lab
How To Measure Conformal Coating Thickness
Industry expert Bob Willis explains how to use "sticky dots" to measure conformal coating thickness.
Production Floor
LGA/QFN Packages Floating During Reflow
Bob Willis explains why LGA/QFN packages may float during reflow and how this may be associated with excess voids and open solder joints.
Analysis Lab
Causes and Solutions for Solder Beading
Industry expert Bob Willis explains how to address solder beading, a defect usually found on chip components. Hint: it's your stencils.
Analysis Lab
Ideas for Identifying Counterfeit Components
Expert Bob Willis explains some nondestructive methods for identifying counterfeit components - before they go on your boards.
Analysis Lab
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