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Nordson DAGE's award winning X-ray systems have been specifically and ergonomically designed for Printed Circuit Board assembly (PCB) and semiconductor industries not only within failure analysis laboratories but also within the production environment. The new revolutionary Nordson DAGE X-Plane option uses a proprietary, patent applied for, tomosynthesis, or CT technique to create 2D X-ray slices in any plane of a printed circuit board assembly without the need to cut or destroy the board.

Nordson DAGE is the leading provider of award winning bond testing equipment and continues to invest significantly in research and development to remain at the cutting edge of bond testing technology including a hot bump pull test in full accordance with the recently published IPC-9708 test standards for the detection of pad cratering for surface mount and printed circuit board assemblies.
Last Will and Testament of the BGA Void
This paper investigates the impact of voids in BGA and CSP components using thermal cycle testing per the IPC specification for tin-lead solder alloys.
Analysis Lab
Recent Technology Advances for X-ray Inspection
This paper reviews x-ray system types and what they provide for resolution, magnification, power, pixel size and the effects of radiation damage.
Analysis Lab
Modern 2D / 3D X-Ray Inspection
Paper reviews methods of finding defects in BGAs, QFNs, and 3D packages using X-Ray inspection with real-life examples.
Analysis Lab
Challenges of Package on Package Devices
Processes associated with soldering stacked packages using dip flux and dip solder paste are investigated.
Materials Tech
Analysis of Voiding Under QFN Packages
Paper covers results of experiments on QFN devices when the ensuing voiding level was calculated by x-ray inspection.
Analysis Lab
Nordson DAGE
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