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Industry 4.0 for Inspection in the Electronics Industry
Industry 4.0 for Inspection in the Electronics Industry
This paper investigates how the connected at-line x-ray system can improve production yield and lower costs when connected to the production line.
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Authored By:
Ragnar Vaga
Yxlon International GmbH

The digital transformation with concepts like Industry 4.0, Smart Factory and the Internet of Things will change production, work processes and business models in electronics manufacturing radically and forever. It is all about connecting, gathering and exchanging big data. It is all about connectivity, and the gathering and exchange of big data.

This paper will investigate how the connected at-line x-ray system can improve the production yield and lower production costs of the manufacturing process when connected to the production line via Automated X-Ray Inspection (AXI) or 3D Automated Optical Inspection (3D AOI). This paper will demonstrate the logic and benefits of SmartLink technology where at-line x-ray can compensate the limitations of in-line inspection solutions.

Based on our studies, we conclude that the AXI and 3D AOI algorithm threshold settings are critical for detecting certain PCBA process failures. The AXI and 3D AOI program optimization is based on its measurement data analysis. Per current AXI and 3D AOI performance, it is beneficial to utilize the AXI or 3D AOI equipment jointly with an at-line x-ray system for verifying defective location for AXI and 3D AOI algorithms optimization process. A solution like SmartLoop can add value to the production in different phases of production. The major value of SmartLoop comes from regular production where a company with an average production yield of 90% can increase it to 99,5%. At the moment, the best Smart Factory quality control solution is the combination of human brain and algorithms.

Initially Published in the SMTA Proceedings

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