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Hot Air Solder 0201s and 01005s
We are struggling to solder and rework small parts - 0201s and 01005s. I have been using a small nozzle hot air solder rework station with adjustable air flow.
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Hot Air Solder 0201s and 01005s
We are struggling to solder and rework small parts - 0201s and 01005s. I have been using a small nozzle hot air solder rework station with adjustable air flow. The minimum air flow on the unit will blow small parts across the work bench in the blink of an eye. My world of reworking small passives etc. with lead free solder is painful. I am open to any suggestions you may have.
Expert's Panel Responses
There are several companies that offer mini and micro soldering/de-soldering tweezers just for this type of work. I recommend checking with your soldering tip supplier to see if they can fit your current equipment.
Edithel Marietti
Senior Manufacturing Engineer
Northrop Grumman
Edithel is a chemical engineer with 20 year experience in manufacturing & process development for electronic contract manufacturers in US as well as some major OEM's. Involved in SMT, Reflow, Wave and other assembly operations entailing conformal coating and robotics.
I would suggest you rework with an IR rework station and dispense paste with a syringe. Check out the DAGE 3000.  That what I have used for 0201s with some minor modifications you can place and reflow all with one system.
Terry Munson
President/Senior Technical Consultant
Mr. Munson, President and Founder of Foresite, has extensive electronics industry experience applying Ion Chromatography analytical techniques to a wide spectrum of manufacturing applications.
For these type of devices we have switched back to using infrared rework station. It is slow but works amazingly. Also see if your team can use a solder iron tweezer. I have not been able to successfully solder 01005s with this, due to the design of our lands. (Changed to almost bottom solder device to eliminate tomb-stoning)
Kishan Sarjoo
Process Engineering Manager - Electronics
Altech UEC, South Africa
Currently with Altech UEC and responsible for technology road map in PCBA electronic manufacturing and technical support for PCBA electronic manufacturing for Altech UEC and its JDM's. Over 7 years in SMT, Radial Insertion, Wave solder & Test Applications.
Thank you for the question. I understand your frustration in using hot air to reflow those small components 0201 and 01005, as the processes are not quite in place to reflow components so small. Additionally the amount of paste to be applied to those pads is very difficult to maintain a minimum amount.

The existing equipment has to be special to do this correctly and unless you can help from an equipment supplier it will be difficult. We are developing a process to do this and I would recommend visiting our web site, www.eptac.com for more information.
Leo Lambert
Vice President, Technical Director
EPTAC Corporation
At EPTAC Corporation, Mr. Lambert oversees content of course offerings, IPC Certification programs and provides customers with expert consultation in electronics manufacturing, including RoHS/WEEE and lead free issues. Leo is also the IPC General Chairman for the Assembly/Joining Process Committee.
In order to rework small/special components, you need special tools.  From your question, I do not understand if you are reworking boards and these parts are close to the rework area or your intention is to rework these particular parts. If you want to rework parts like 0201 and 01005 I highly recommend the JBS nano station tweezers.

They are great, I have used them in the past and they are the perfect solution for something like this. For stencil design, paste deposition, pick and place and reflow there are more things to consider.

Should these components be in an area that gets reworked, you can minimize the damage by protecting the surrounding areas of the component being reworked from the hot air flow using masking or kapton tape.
Georgian Simion
Engineering and Operations Management
Independent Consultant
Georgian Simion is an independent consultant with 20+ years in electronics manufacturing engineering and operations.
Contact me at georgiansimion@yahoo.com.
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