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Attack of the BLOB!
Attack of the BLOB!
Joe came home from work one day to find his house covered in a mysterious foam-like blob material. What was the mysterious foam and where did it come from?
Mysteries of Science

Dr. Gilleo
Mysteries of Science by Dr. Ken Gilleo
Dr. Gilleo is a chemist, inventor and general problem solver. Ken has been tracking industrial forensics and collecting case histories for decades. These cases are taken from the vast world of industry and commercial enterprise.

Check out Dr. Gilleo's eBook, 100 Mysteries Solved by Science. We hope you enjoy these case histories. You need not be an engineer or scientist to understand the problems and appreciate the solutions.
Joe came home from work one day to find his house covered in mysterious dark foam like material. The roof steps and one entire side of the house including the windows were covered.  

It looked like the house was being devoured by the blob in that old sci-fi movie. Joe poked the mysterious material with a stick, it broke up easily and resembled black soap suds.

The mysterious foam had also struck one of Joe's neighbors and at least one other house.

What was the mysterious foam that covered the houses and where did it come from? 

Here's the rest of the story

Joe drove over to meet the plant manager at a nearby factory.

The chemical conglomerate made everything from color dyes to soap powder, and all the waste went to one treatment plant. There was a big settling pond that was filled with dyes, soap powder and other chemicals. Add enough dye colors and you got black. The winds off of Lake Erie had been blowing in near-gale and the pond was whipped up to a frothy state.

The wind was blowing foam off the surface and hurling it eastward. Most of the foam ended up on company property, but some escaped. The company sent a representative to settle any claims. That usually meant handing out free detergent - the same stuff that had made the foam in the first place.
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