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KECHTEK PCB Cutting Tools Limited
Kechtek Precision Technology Co., Ltd. specialize in manufacturing and developing professional precision cutting tools for printed circuit board(PCB) industry.

Combining innovation with quality and repeatability, Kechtek has become the smart choice to local China and nationwide printed board manufacturers that serve the medical, automotive, computer, telecommunication, aerospace and many other aspects.

At Kechtek Precision Technology Co., Ltd. we believe in customer satisfaction, and strive to improving performance and reducing users costs to achieve greater productivity and accuracy.

Products: sawing blades, scoring v-cutters, edge bevelling cutters, trimming cutters, routerbits, depanelling discs, flat cutting knifes, drills, end mills, routers and customized PCB cutting tools.
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Hibiscus S. 2nd Rd, Kech Hi-Tech Industrial Park, Xiangtan, 411000, HN, China
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