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Triangle Labs Inc.
Triangle Labs Inc. is an Industry leading and award winning supplier of high reliability, mission critical printed circuit boards, antennas, special application parts and materials to Tier 1 defense, commercial and medical device companies.
  • IPC 6018 Circuits-All Types and Classes (Can process to any IPC specifications)
  • Precision multi layer circuit boards up to 60+ layers
  • Micro strip, strip line, and multi layer microwave circuits
  • Mixed material construction, including Teflon/FR4 on single ground plane assemblies
  • Electroplating unique materials, including carbon fiber composites and dielectric foam
  • Panel Sizes up to 41+" wide by 96-120"* long (*Based on material availability)
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Triangle Labs Inc.
6101 Morgan Mill Rd.
Carson City, NV 89701 USA
Phone: 775-887-1700
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