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Aculon, Inc.
Aculon, Inc. commercializes unique surface and interfacial coatings leveraging nanotechnology and other surface modification techniques. Our original focus was the optical industry developing treatments of prescription eyewear, sunglasses and other optics. We now have three core focus areas: Electronics, Oil & Gas and a Specialty treatment business.

In 2010, we also launched our electronics business. We are now the global leader in nanocoating of stencils with our award winning NanoClear® products. Since 2012, we have been a supplier of nanocoating to protect printed circuits from waterproofing, and in 2015, we launched our own series of Aculon branded products called NanoProof®. Both NanoProof and NanoClear represent best in class performance and technology.

We have been a supplier chemistry to the oil and gas industry since 2010 for a variety of applications including down well, anti-fouling and proppant treatment. As our technology bonds to metal oxides to create superhydrophobic and oleophobic surfaces, we are active in the supply of chemistry preventing buildup of oil production contamination on metallic surfaces, protecting sapphire sensors, lubricating particulate and rock formation to enhance oil flow in down well applications.

Finally, our specialty treatment business treats a variety of products including watches, eyewear, movie screens, particles and numerous other specialist applications.

By working in a variety of industries, we have developed a broad suite of technologies to modify surfaces. Equally important, Aculon's know-how includes industrial scale processes to efficiently manufacture and apply these novel coatings.
SAMP-Based Stencil Nano Coatings
Paper describes the chemical structure of Self Assembling Monolayer Phosphonate nanocoating materials and their influence on solder printing.
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