Electronics Assembly Knowledge, Vision & Wisdom
STM (Service To Mankind)
IPC Training and Certification (610, J-STD-001, 620, 7711/21, 600), as well as 1-day Soldering Workshop, ESD training and consulting, ISO training and consulting. All courses available in CIS (operator) or CIT (trainer) levels. Training at your site or at the STM Fremont, CA Training Center. Training is meaningful and enjoyable!

At STM (Service To Mankind) "service" is not just a word, it is our way of life; we take it very seriously. We are not just in the training business, we are in the people business.
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STM (Service To Mankind)
4065 Clipper Ct.
Fremont, CA 94538 USA
Phone: 408-768-6515
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