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SinkPAD Corporation
SinkPAD Corporation is an innovative thermal management company that is dedicated to address the thermal challenges that the electronics industry is facing. Our patent pending SinkPAD technology is a PCB technology that makes it possible to conduct heat out of the LED system and into the atmosphere at a much greater rate.

While the primary focus of the SinkPAD technology is to solve thermal problems of the rapidly evolving high power LED market there are other applications for which SinkPAD can be an ideal candidate. SinkPAD technology can have a dramatic effect on the customer's ability to improve upon and revolutionize their product. We enable our customers to be the first to market with the most efficient thermally managed LED systems.

The SinkPAD promise is to make high heat LED systems cooler while also allowing for higher maximum operating temperatures and that is a promise that SinkPAD definitely delivers on.
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