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Inventec Performance Chemicals
Inventec, one of Europe's leading Performance Chemicals companies, is the hig-tech industries business of the Dehon Group.h-tech industries business Inventec supplies these solutions to three markets : Electronic Assembly : Soldering, Adhesive, Cleaning and protection. Surfaces Technologies : Surface treatment, Insulation-Fire Protection, Products and equipment for the Wine industry , Low temperature sterilization Fine Chemicals: Aerosols Formulation, Foams expansion, Synthetic Chemicals and pharmaceuticals.
Flux for Cleanable and No-Clean Solder Pastes
Paper provides a description of flux and the role of their constituting ingredients and a tin-bismuth-silver solder paste with cleanable residues.
Materials Tech
Solder Paste Residue Corrosivity Assessment
Although SIR and ECM tests are used to evaluate the solder paste residue corrosivity, a more selective method, the Bono test, has been developed.
Analysis Lab
Comparison of Solder Paste Residues
Paper assesses the reliability of several lead-free, no clean paste residues after vapor phase reflow in comparison to convection reflow.
Analysis Lab
Cleaning PCBs - Understanding Todays Needs
This paper covers the mastery to manage the cleaning process while facing miniaturization and environmental care, like ROHS and REACH.
Production Floor
Reliability of No-clean and Water-soluble Solder Pastes
The purpose of this paper is to highlight the differences between these two families of solder pastes to guide users in their choice.
Analysis Lab
Inventec Performance Chemicals
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