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ASSCON Systemtechnik-Elektronik GmbH
ASSCON Systemtechnik-Elektronik GmbH is a development and manufacturing association for progressive and innovative Vapour Phase Reflow Soldering Systems.
Vapor Phase Quality Improvement
Today's state of the art single-phase vapor phase provide the solutions needed for lead-free soldering and requirements for a void-less solder joint.
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Void-Free Soldering With Vapor-Phase Vacuum Tech
This paper explores equipment that has been developed to achieve void-free joints using modern condensation reflow technology.
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Vapour Phase - Profiling for Lead-Free Alloys
This paper covers the profiling gap with thermal control techniques to address profiles meeting paste manufacturer recommendations.
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ASSCON Systemtechnik-Elektronik GmbH
Messerschmittring 35
D-86343 Königsbrunn
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