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Hirox-USA, Inc.
HIROX invented the first digital microscope over 25 years ago paving the road for new innovative microscopy.  HIROX's high-quality optical, mechanical, and lighting designs have the capability of achieving an expansive magnification range from 0x-7000x. HIROX's systems incorporate a variety of features, including 2D/3D measurement, HDR, anti-halation, and 2D/3D tiling.    

Our experience as lens makers allows us to make high quality lenses that have a large depth of field and can create high resolution images. As lens makers we believe that a good optical image is more important than an image that is the result of digital enhancement. An image based on optics retains a clear original image without having any damage done by digital enhancement in order to create a good image.
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Hirox-USA, Inc.
100 Commerce Way
Hackensack, NJ 07601 USA
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