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Technology Forecasters Inc. is a leading consulting and research firm specializing in manufacturing and environmental strategies for the global electronics manufacturing industry.

TFI's team of 15 highly experienced analysts and consultants assist mid-sized and some of the world's largest high-tech companies with their most complex and demanding challenges for outsourcing, supply-chain, and profitable environmental compliance and leadership.
Cheaper Electronics Manufacturing: Mexico or Israel?
After comparing total costs between a Mexican facility and an Israeli contract manufacturer, a company moved their production. What were the key factors?
Supply Chain
What Manufacturers Procrastinate Most
Perhaps tech manufacturers procrastinate creating detailed disaster-preparedness-and-recovery plans because they think that building collapses and fires happen only in lower-tech industries.
Supply Chain
Outsmarting Waste in Electronics
Pamela Gordon of Technology Forecasters reflects on how the electronics industry can help outsmart waste while still enjoying profitability.
Supply Chain
One-Stop Shop or Specialty Firm?
What makes the best design/engineering firm for complex electro-mechanical systems - a turnkey design-and-manufacturing model, or a specialty design-firm model?
Supply Chain
Sustainability Skeptics + Enthusiasts = Lean and Green
In a recent study, 93% of CEOs see sustainability as important to their future success, yet, only 33% report efforts to address global sustainability.
Supply Chain
Design Engineers' Strongest Value Proposition Today
If you're a design engineer, the design-for-environment (DfE) value proposition is arguably your strongest value proposition today -- bar none.
Supply Chain
Ten Ways to Detect REAL DfE in Tech
Check out these 10 ways to detect whether the products you're considering buying - or those your company is selling - are the real deal when it comes to Design for Environment.
Supply Chain
Small EMS Companies Benefiting From Green
Owners of small electronics manufacturers are already courageous - providing big-company manufacturing quality with minimal equipment and personnel.
Supply Chain
M & A Madness - What You Need to Know
The electronics industry's merger and acquisition activity is rising - in a variety of regions and up and down the supply chain.
Supply Chain
APEX Executives Say: "Prepare for Disasters Cooperatively"
Among the 3 challenge options 50 executives were given they voted to address Disaster Preparedness and Recovery.
Supply Chain
IPC's APEX EXPO: What would you tell your CEO?
If you had an hour-long audience with your company's CEO, what would you most want to convey?
Supply Chain
Apple USA Manufacturing Move - Sentimental or Serious?
Is Apple's plans to manufacture Mac computers in the USA a tip of the hat to consumers who'd rather not buy from a company under fire labor abuses in China, or does it portend a sweeping strategy toward regional manufacturing?
Supply Chain
Electronic Design Firms Get a *C* in DfE
This month we asked executives at North American electronics-design firms whether their employees are formally trained in Design for Environment - beyond just compliance with pertinent laws.
Supply Chain
We're Out of Tantalum and Running Low on Zinc
Recently, 76% of executive respondents to a survey said they anticipate their company's business objectives to be affected by natural resources strategy in the next 3 to 5 years. Why?
Materials Tech
Denial in the Electronics Industry = Disaster
Each of us denies some facts or likelihoods that we'd rather not face. But when much of the electronics industry denies a few strategically important factors, it's time to raise them up for full discussion.
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