Electronics Assembly Knowledge, Vision & Wisdom
B.E.STAT group
Analysis of electronic manufactures of possible generation sources for electrostatic charges - realization of inspections, certification, measurements: electric field strength, charges, resistances; material inspections, qualification of materials at national and international standards.

Making of concepts for an optimal ESD control working place, EPAs at national and international standards
Electrostatic Discharge Factory Issues
The paper offers an overview of causes for ESD, where electrostatic charges are increasingly generated.
Production Floor
Requirements on a Class "0" EPA
Lately, more and more publications report about ESD requirements for an EPA "class 0". What does this mean?
Analysis Lab
Sources of ESD in a Production Line
It is necessary for everyone who handles ESD sensitive devices to know the reasons for failures. This paper discusses causes for ESD in a SMT production line.
Production Floor
B.E.STAT group
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