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Ormet Circuits, Inc.
Ormet materials provide high electrical and thermal conductivity, good solderability, adhesion to most substrates and low curing temperatures. During cure, Ormet ink becomes a fused metal network that alloys itself to conventional circuit materials.

The metal network is permeated by polymer that adheres to the substrate providing mechanical reinforcement. These properties represent the product of Ormet inks patented composition.
Cost Comparison of Complex PCB Fabrication
The authors present an alternative to sequential lamination for fabricating complex PCBs, where conductive paste is used as interconnect between cores.
Production Floor
HDI Structures Using Thin Films and Low Temp Paste
Conductors and dielectrics have to be considered when building any layer HDI. New methods and materials are becoming available for building HDI.
Materials Tech
Ormet Circuits, Inc.
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