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Headquartered in Singapore, Flextronics is a leading Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) provider focused on delivering complete design, engineering and manufacturing services to automotive, computing, consumer digital, industrial, infrastructure, medical and mobile OEMs.

With the acquisition of Solectron, pro forma fiscal year 2008 revenues from continuing operations are more than US$33.6 billion.
Assembly Options for Handheld Products
Paper covers assembly and material alternatives to make a handheld products as producer friendly, cost effective and reliable as possible.
Production Floor
Nano Tech Improves Critical Printing Process
Paper covers how nano coating over stencil openings will improve paste release, help reduce aperture openings, and create a wider process window.
Production Floor
Study on Solder Joint Reliability of Fine Pitch CSP
In the future more fine pitch CSP components will be required. However, product reliability has been a big challenge with the fine pitch CSPs.
Analysis Lab
Pad Cratering Evaluation of PCBs
This paper reviews major publications and research reports with regard to pad cratering on various PCB materials.
Materials Tech
Head in Pillow X-ray Inspection at Flextronics
For the study we used two boards exhibiting HIP defects with four types of AXI machines at four sites in Flextronics manufacturing, or vendor laboratory.
Analysis Lab
Creep Corrosion of PWB Final Finishes
This paper demonstrates that creep corrosion on a PWB is highly surface sensitive.
Analysis Lab
Assembly Challenges of Bottom Terminated Components
This paper discusses the design, assembly and inspection challenges of bottom terminated components.
Production Floor
X-rays vs. Cross Sections to Measure Voids
This paper validates void measurements obtained from non-destructive imaging techniques, with the physically measured void measurements of cross sectioning.
Analysis Lab
Reliability of Multiple Pb-free Solder Ball Alloys
Paper covers a screening experiment to obtain data comparing thermal fatigue reliability of the various solder ball alloys.
Materials Tech
Design of New Solder Attach Technologies
Paper outlines a new technology with a focus on design and research involved in the development of a new solder attach technology.
Materials Tech
Numerical Study on New Pin Pull Test for Pad Cratering
In this study a new pin pull test method with solder ball attached and positioned to the test board at a 30° was used to study the strength of pad cratering.
Analysis Lab
Selective Reflow Rework Process
This paper discusses some aspects of the process optimization and changes made to improve the quality of the rework process.
Production Floor
Press Fit Roadmap for High Performance Process
Paper investigates the roadmap for press fit technology, with attention to placement and insertion, inspection, repair, pin design, challenges and solutions.
Production Floor
3D Assembly Processes a Look at Today and Tomorrow
This paper explores various technologies available today and some that are starting to appear and illustrates some key items for each technology.
Production Floor
Evaluation of Lead-free Solder Pastes
This paper discusses the strategy and methodology for selecting a good lead-free solder paste material for volume manufacturing uses.
Materials Tech
Assembly Process Feasibility of Low Silver Solder Paste
This paper presents performance/process capability of various low/no silver alloy solder pastes.
Production Floor
Comparison of SAC105 and SAC305 Solders
In this paper, the thermal fatigue performance under accelerated test conditions is compared for three common BGA ball alloys.
Materials Tech
Soldering Improvement for SMT Connectors
This paper covers experiments for improving the SMT process for a few types of difficult to solder surface mount connectors.
Production Floor
Test Optimization to Improve Rework
Paper reviews how to use test machines to diagnose defects and how to reduce defects from a SMT line.
Analysis Lab
AXI Applications with BTC and Connectors
What is the best way to use test and inspection techniques? How does one obtain accurate AXI data and images for surface mount technology process improvement?
Production Floor
Reliability Study of Low Silver Alloy Solder Pastes
Paper presents the reliability study of lead-free solder joints reflowed using various lead-free alloy solder pastes after thermal cycling tests.
Analysis Lab
Flextronics International
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