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Vitronics Soltec
Vitronics Soltec is specialized in the design and manufacturing of mass soldering equipment for the global circuit board assembly market. Products are covering the Reflow, Wave and Selective Soldering markets.

Vitronics Soltec is designing and manufacturing equipment in three factories; Stratham, NH in the USA, Oosterhout in The Netherlands and Suzhou in China. Direct sales and support centers are located in the United States, Holland, Germany, Singapore, Malaysia, Korea and Shanghai.
Position Accuracy Machines for Selective Soldering Fine Pitch
Selective soldering is a robust soldering process. This paper explores the different process steps and critical parameters.
Production Floor
Methods to Get Volatile Compounds Out of Reflow Process
With the introduction of lead-free soldering operating temperatures increased, and the chemistry of solder paste has been modified.
Production Floor
Reliability of Sn/Cu/Ni Solder Joints
Paper covers the electronics industry search for a single lead-free alloy that can be used throughout the manufacturing line.
Analysis Lab
Vitronics Soltec
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