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Universal Instruments Corporation
Universal Instruments is a global electronics productivity specialist, providing innovative circuit, semiconductor, and back-end assembly technologies and equipment, integrated system solutions, and process expertise to manufacturers in every sector of the global electronics industry.

Our aim is a continuous and intelligent investment in research, and to develop processes, equipment, systems and software to bring electronic assembly to its current pinnacle of sophistication.
Tools and Techniques for Material Assessment in Advanced Technologies
Paper identifies limitations in the methods used for evaluating solders, circuit board materials and surface finishes.
Materials Tech
Material Selection for Reliable TMV Pop Assembly
This paper investigates selected aspects of the above mentioned processes to better understand the critical factors associated with successful TMV PoP assembly.
Materials Tech
A Model for Life of SnAgCu Solder Joints
Almost all reliability assessment is focused on the anticipated life in service. The question, how large a cycling temperature range is required for a model to apply.
Analysis Lab
Reliability of Sn/Cu/Ni Solder Joints
Paper covers the electronics industry search for a single lead-free alloy that can be used throughout the manufacturing line.
Analysis Lab
Reliability of Lead-Free LGAs and BGAs
A theory is proposed that substantial differences in SAC305 solder joint Sn grain morphology may explain, at least partially.
Analysis Lab
Testing Intermetallic Fragility
Data is presented on the intermetallic strengths and failure modes of two bond pull test methods.
Analysis Lab
Reliability Impact of Partial Pad Craters
PCB pad craters are associated with single overstress events that cause immediate failure. This examines the effects of partial pad craters on reliability.
Analysis Lab
Universal Instruments Corporation
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