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Uyemura International Corporation
Uyemura USA is best known for our work in the development of PCB finishes.

We are the world leader in electroless nickel/ immersion gold systems ("KAT") as well as electroless golds, including AuBel and TMX, which offer an exceptional alternative for semiconductor packaging. Also significant are Uyemura immersion silver (RGA) and immersion tins (RMK).

We also bring the MEC and Umicore products to the North American market.
Final Finish Specifications Review
Specifications are consensus documents agreed upon by a panel of industry participants composed of suppliers, manufacturers, assembly houses and users.
Analysis Lab
Elimination of Whiskers from Electroplated Tin
Paper covers data to show the effect of two approaches on the dissipation of the stress, resulting from intermetallic compound formation.
Materials Tech
Uyemura International Corporation
240 Town Line Road
Southington, CT 06489 USA
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