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Since 1952, TECHNICAL DEVICES COMPANY has been providing the electronics manufacturing industry with quality production equipment. Our cleaners are MADE IN AMERICA by highly skilled workers who take pride in what they do. We strive to remain on the cutting edge of cleaning technology by constantly adding new features and diligently improving existing features.

We have taken this approach ever since we started in the aqueous batch cleaning industry in 1991, before some of our competitors even started their companies. This is why the Nu/Clean AquaBatch is among the safest, most effective, and most energy efficient aqueous batch cleaners available on the market today.

Since the 1980's, Technical Devices has been making its line of Nu/Clean Inline Aqueous Cleaners. We specialize in customizing each cleaner to your specific requirements.

We offer the latest technologically advances in cleaning including touch screen controls, cascade water knives, and high efficiency drying. The insulation and exhaust systems make the Nu/Clean the quietest and most environmentally friendly cleaner available today.

Our excellent service department installs, trains, and supports all of our equipment. We have equipment installed in hundreds of companies, some of which have been our customers for decades.
Cost Comparison: Batch and Inline Cleaners
Paper discusses the environmental and financial cost of operating both batch cleaners and small inline aqueous cleaners.
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Technical Devices Company
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