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Technic Inc.
Technic offers some of the most advanced PCB chemical, equipment and process control solutions available today. Featured products include: High performance liquid coverlays, TechniPad SMT final finishes, Electrolytic copper and tin, nickel & gold processes, Equipment & chemistry for advanced flexible roll to roll plating.  

Technic, Inc. is a US based, private, financially strong corporation. For over 65 years, Technic has been a global supplier of specialty chemicals, custom finishing equipment, engineered powders, and analytical control systems to the electronic component, printed circuit board, semiconductor, photovoltaic, industrial finishing and decorative industries.
Optimizing Immersion Silver Chemistries For Copper
Study evaluated several types of additives. Data on thickness distribution, copper attack rate, and deposit porosity resulted in new theories on how to control immersion silver.
Production Floor
The Perfect Copper Surface
To provide the functionality in today's electronics, printed circuit boards are approaching the complexity of semiconductors.
Analysis Lab
Technic Inc.
47 Molter Street
Cranston, RI 02910 USA
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