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Sysacom R&D Plus, Inc.
Sysacom is the leader in custom analog & digital electronic circuits and systems development, including a full range of embedded, test and application software. We also design & manufacture our own instrumentation, measurement, RF and automation products.  

You are a products manufacturer or integrator and require expertise in electronic engineering and software design to improve your product performance, competitiveness or required emerging functionalities; in such cases we will work with you and undertake the challenge from concept to functional products.  

Whether you need to add a controller board loaded with software, motor drivers, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, RF or cellular connectivity, sensors, security, signal processing, GPS, display, RFID, switching mode power supply or complex analog electronics; Sysacom will drive your project to success; This is our pledge to you.
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Sysacom R&D Plus, Inc.
275A Pierre-Le Gardeur blvd.
Repentigny, Quebec
Canada, J5Z 3A7
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