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Panasonic Factory Solutions Company of America
Panasonic Factory Solutions Company of America (PFSA) develops and supports innovative manufacturing processes around the core of software and circuit manufacturing technologies-thereby contributing to the growth and prosperity of our customers' businesses.

The electronics assembly group are experts in surface mount technology (SMT). We offer world-class equipment and solutions for printed circuit board manufacturing including component placement, chip on board, pin through hole, screen printing, inspection, dispense technologies and more.

As a manufacturer, Panasonic understands the evolving demands of today's electronics assembly manufacturing environment. And that uniquely enables us to provide scalable, integrated, and efficient solutions that help our customers remain viable in a competitive market. No matter if you're high mix/low volume, low mix/high volume, or anything in between, Panasonic equipment, MES software, and other services can help improve throughput and efficiency while keeping quality reliably high.
Enabling High-Speed Printing Using Low Cost Materials
Building on our expertise and testing, this paper will highlight the two trains of thought with specific focus on how low-cost materials affect print performance.
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