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OMG Electronic Chemicals
OMG is a leading global developer and supplier of electroless and electroplated specialty chemicals, metallization processes, and support products for the electronics industry. With eight manufacturing and technical centers in North America, Europe and Asia and with over 75 active patents we provide innovative solutions to allow our customers to meet technology, cost, and environmental requirements to compete in today’s business environment.

OMG has five business units serving the Printed Circuit Board, Memory Disk, Photo Voltaic, General Metal Finishing, and Electronic Packaging & Finishing industries.

Our value added philosophy of globally positioning local field support engineers, corporate technical groups, and comprehensive R&D teams allows us to build partnerships with each individual customer, supporting your needs through on-site technical support. Our support structure is rooted in Six Sigma, where we have a Master Black Belt, Black Belts, and Green Belts within our core groups trained in advanced problem solving, process control, and long-term reliability techniques.
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OMG Electronic Chemicals
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