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Kyzen Corporation
Kyzen Corporation was organized in 1990 to develop innovative and environmentally safe cleaning products. These products were designed to replace ozone depleting chemicals used to clean electronic assemblies, silicon wafers, optical lenses and metal parts.

Much of Kyzen's technology, then and now, are derived from renewable resources or have been selected for their more favorable performance and environmental properties.
Stencil Printing Yield Improvements
In this paper two methods were studied to improve solder paste release. A nano-scale hydrophobic, oleophobic and adhesion promoting coating.
Production Floor
Cleaning High Reliability Assemblies with Tights Gaps
The purpose of this designed experiment was to evaluate the effectiveness of a variety of cleaning agents under an array of process conditions.
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Duo-Solvent Cleaning for Removing Flux Residue from Class 3 Hardware
The research study evaluates the cleaning and electrical performance using the IPC B-52 Test Vehicle.
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Spray Plus Soak Improves Cleaning Under BTC
Innovative spray and soak methods for removing low residue flux residues and rinsing under bottom termination and leadless components is evaluated.
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OA Flux Cleaning Studies on Dense Packages
Paper evaluates water soluble flux and cleaning chemistries to determine the best properties for removing lead-free water soluble flux residues.
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Collaborative Cleaning Innovations
Collaboration from equipment and cleaning material companies has led to innovations for improving throughput and residue removal.
Production Floor
Cleaning for Reliability After QFN Rework
Paper makes an argument for removing flux residue under QFNs post rework, and present cleaning process options for this cleaning challenge.
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New Cleaning Agents for No-clean Fluxes
This paper compares the cleanability of lead-free flux residues to determine the viability of new cleaning agent designs.
Analysis Lab
Process Cleaning Rate Theory
In this video Dr. Mike Bixenman, Chief Technology Officer of Kyzen, explains the process cleaning rate theory and how to use it.
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Kyzen Corporation
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