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Koki Company Limited
Koki was established in 1964 to challenge the top technology in the soldering industry with the aim of becoming a global corporation. Development of product proceeds in response to thorough market research and customer requests when tracking soldering equipment and materials from various points of view.

Excellent sales results from our products have been achieved worldwide. Our factories and an improved network of distributing agents has been established around the world beginning in Europe, the US and Asia.
Investigation into Lead-Free Low Silver Solder Wire for Electronics
This paper show results using a lead-free solder rework wire alloy in terms of wetting, reduced solder iron tip erosion, reduced IMC growth and reliability.
Production Floor
Improved Flux Reliability of Lead-Free Solder Alloy Solder Paste
This paper covers a type of 'crack free' flux paste designed to inhibit cracking under extreme environments. Includes electro-chemical migration tests dew .
Materials Tech
Low-temp, Tin-bismuth-silver Solder Pastes
Staff from Koki Company and Christopher Associates Inc. collaborate on a study on bismuth usage in lead-free solder.
Materials Tech
Koki Company Limited
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