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KIC provides hardware and software tools that help define, measure, monitor, and improve thermal processes for electronics manufacturing services. This reduces downtime, can decrease electrical expenses, and reduce your labor costs, all while improving your manufacturing quality, overall productivity, employee morale and customer satisfaction… and ultimately, profits.

KIC does this with a focus on continuous innovation. We’ve developed an entire generation of smart technologies for reflow ovens, curing ovens, and wave solder machines, allowing you to not just reduce production costs, to not just improve quality, but to add capabilities that you can use to win new business.
Evaluating Accuracy of Thermocouple Attach Methods
The goal of this study was to identify a non-destructive method for thermocouple attachment that provides a small offset to the "actual temperature under a BGA."
Analysis Lab
Tip For Non-Destructive BGA Profiling
How can you measure a BGA component thermal profile without destroying the BGA component in the process?
Analysis Lab
Understanding the Process Window Index
Process Window Index (PWI) is a simple measure used to express reflow oven profiles, wave soldering profiles, selective soldering profiles and batch process profiles.
Analysis Lab
KIC Thermal
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