Electronics Assembly Knowledge, Vision & Wisdom
With over 100 years of manufacturing experience, Kester is a leading global supplier of higher performance interconnecting materials and related services for the electronic and micro-component assembly markets.

Kester offers: Lead-Free Solutions, Solder pastes, Bar solders, Liquid fluxes, Solid and fluxed cored wires, Tacky soldering fluxes, Ultra-Spheres, Solderforms, SE-CURE advanced materials, and a full spectrum of global customer technical support.
The Role of Organic Amines in Soldering Materials
Paper shows that tests can be developed to characterize fundamental properties of activator packages that directly impact performance.
Materials Tech
Activator Technology for Lead-Free Paste
The printing performance, coalescence, wetting, BGA voiding and head-in-pillow for halogen-free, no-clean solder pastes are discussed.
Materials Tech
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