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Engelmaier Associates, L.C.
Engelmaier Associates, L.C. provides services to OEMs, printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturers, PCB subcontract assembly companies and end users, such as telecommunications and computer companies, the automotive industry, and the military, in the areas of design for reliability.

And accelerated reliability testing, reliability prediction, design for manufacturability and quality, processing effects, environmental stress screening, and failure cause analysis, for solder joints, plated-through holes/vias (PTHs/PTVs), and flexible circuitry.
Solder Creep Fatigue for Lead-free Joints
Paper covers parameters for the SAC405/305, SAC205, SAC105 and SnAg to replace eutectic SnPb in the Engelmaier-Wild solder creep-fatigue model.
Analysis Lab
Engelmaier Associates, L.C.
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